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Film Skills is a multimedia development company located in Brisbane, Australia.

We specialise particularly in working flexibly to deliver solutions amongst all multimedia avenues.

Video Production.
Media Training.
Graphic Design.
Software Development.
Television Broadcast.



Professional Content Development

TV Commercials, Video Production, Training Videos, Graphic Design

Broadcast / Webcast Video

Streaming events live to your audience - wherever they may be!

With a background in television broadcast – We are bringing events LIVE to audiences around the globe in crystal clear HD video.

Live broadcasts are used mostly for awards ceremonies, sporting events, training days and also corporate briefings or meetings.

Through our pre-production meetings we determine all of your audio visual requirements for the event and design a custom package that will suit both your needs and your budget. Our broadcast team will run the program onsite and stream it LIVE to your audience, whether that be to multiple projectors in the venue – or to the Internet. Our professional camera operators will capture your event from multiple angles.

Your production can be totally customised to your event with the use of graphics, titles, video packages, animations, music and much more. The possibilities are endless.




Media Qualifications & Short Courses

We train students all over Australia in the nationally accredited qualification: Certificate III in Media. An exciting course that will truly be the stepping stone to your career in Media. It is perfectly suited to those seeking a career path entry into this burgeoning Industry.This training is delivered through a combination of face to face training with a skilled instructor, online learning and hands on practical projects.

Certificate III in Media

An exciting course that will truly be the stepping stone to your career in Media. Achieve a Nationally accredited qualification in Media. This course will be perfectly suited to those seeking a career path entry into this burgeoning Industry.

This training is delivered through a combination of face to face training with a skilled instructor, online learning and hands on practical projects. This entertaining and interactive learning will see you develop your passion to a level that is equal to the task required to gain access to this in demand media space.

Course Content (11 Units)

Critical and Creative Thinking

BSBCRT301A Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills.
All aspects of the media industry require the ability to think creatively to solve problems and generate ideas. This unit of competency will teach you the techniques that can be used to help with your creative challenges. It will also help you to think critically to expand your mind and what you know.

Working in the Media Industry

CUFIND301B Work effectively in the screen and media industries.
Learning how to work as a member of a production team is the focus of this unit. Developing ways to deal with conflict, work to timelines, seek approval from team members, and ways to build good working relationships are all covered. You will also learn about sustainability and how this has an effect on the media industry.

OHS on a Film Set

CUSOHS301A Follow occupational health and safety procedures.
When working in any industry it is important to learn ways to work safely. This is especially important when working with others, as is often the case in media. This unit covers rules and legislation that must be followed, as well as outlines safe work practices that carry across all facets of the media industry.

The Design Process

BSBDES201A Follow a design process.
Having the fundamental knowledge needed to follow a design process is imperative when working both independently and in a team. This unit covers what is required when given a design challenge; from determining the outline of the challenge, generating ideas, presenting your ideas to a client to seek approval, testing your product, and then finishing your product. In your media career you will regularly follow this process, so learning this early on will give you the knowledge needed to prepare you for any challenge.

Photography and Digital Photo Editing (Photoshop)

CUFDIG 303A Produce and prepare photo images.
CUFDIG303A takes you through the exciting world of still photography. You will gain a deep understanding of all the settings and features of a professional DSLR camera – eventually learning to shoot in full manual mode (you should never use the camera on automatic mode!). Once the camera aspect has been mastered, you will be taken through Adobe Photoshop CS5.5, which is undoubtedly the industry standard in photograph manipulation. You will then learn the basic interface of Photoshop as well as how to implement basic manipulations such as colour correction, masking and more. This will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to shoot and edit on your own.

Filming, Lighting and Sound Production

CUFCAM301A Shoot material for screen productions.
This unit will take you through the whole exciting process of video production. Learn how to use a professional digital camera as well as camera fundamentals such as framing and shot composition. Everything from lighting, sound and video setups are also covered using our professional equipment that is used day to day in our own production company.

Digital Video Editing

CUFPOS201A Perform basic vision and sound editing.
Take your video shot in CUFCAM301A and edit it in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. Learn the fundamentals of video editing and learn essential manipulation tools such as transitions and colour correction. Learn many different techniques of video editing as well as the underlying theory of how to edit appropriately.

Graphic Design

CUFDIG304A Create Visual Design Components
Get a chance to delve deeper into Graphic Design in CUFDIG304A. Using Adobe Illustrator CS5.5, you will be taken through the different elements of graphic design, such as design elements, design principles and typography. By the end of this unit you will have the skills necessary to create impressive magazine front covers, brochures and more.

2D Digital Animation

CUFANM301A Create 2D Digital Animations.
Discover how to animate by learning the ‘fundamentals of animation’ such as squash and stretch, anticipation and staging. This unit focuses on the theory of animation that will allow you to expand into any program you would like such as Flash, After Effects or Maya. Learn the absolutely essential concept of key frame animation and how to use it in Adobe After Effects to create a short believable animation for your final assignment.

3D Digital Modeling

CUFANM303A Create 3D Digital Models.
This unit will take you into the world of three-dimensional production. By the end of this unit you will know the fundamental modelling tools to build almost anything your imagination can come up with! Using the industry standard ‘Autodesk Maya’ (used to create most 3D feature films such as Avatar) you will learn the difference between 2D and 3D space and how to build a model that you will later animate.

3D Digital Animation

CUFANM302A Create 3D Digital Animations.
Taking the model you built in CUFANM303A and the animation fundamentals learnt in CUFANM301A – you will learn to 3D animate using Autodesk Maya.

Delivery Options & Pricing

  • $300* per unit of competency

    You can have the training as an individual. This allows you to have the training delivered at your own pace in a timeframe that suits you.We come to you and deliver training that fits into your work/life requirements. All assessments are completed at a pace that suits your needs.

  • $150* per unit of competency

    All your learning an assessment for each of the units are delivered in a classroom environment with other students. For classroom training to occur there needs a minimum of 5 students.

    We can deliver our training in a number of QLD locations. We have a portable classroom set-up whereby we have numerous computers and a Trainer available.

  • $150* per unit of competency

    If you have had lots of experience in this area of business and administration in the past you may be eligible for RPL. Recognition of Prior Learning means that you don’t require the training but rather just be assessed on each unit.

    You will need to draw on all your past experiences so that you can demonstrate that you have already acquired the knowledge and skills. You may be eligible for some units through the RPL process whilst other units may require some training.

* Prices quoted are for courses delivered in Brisbane and its immediate suburbs. Additional travel/accommodation charges may be applicable under options 1, 2 and 3 if travel of more than 100km (from Brisbane GPO) is required and if accommodation is also required. The additional charges will be at cost and is based on each location calculated individually. Please ask for indication at any time

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Web and Mobile Applications, Database Development, Change Management.


Film Skills offers software development as one of our specialty services. We build applications for clients that boost productivity by shifting some of the operational work over to a computer. It doesn’t mean a computer can do your work for you though!

Its amazing the amount of productivity that can be gained from even a simple database application. Some of the use cases we see most often are:

1. A database that stores customer information and allows clients to run basic reports against such information (i.e. A report to show all clients who have purchased over $200 worth of products). This is very powerful information that can assist with Marketing.

2. Online E-commerce portals that allow your customers to pay you online securely for your products or services

3. Helping businesses eliminate a lengthy paper process.  Custom applications that allow clients to send and receive documents for digital signing  - cutting down the time of sending and retrieval of paperwork by weeks or even months.

Every business will have different needs – so give us a call or email us at for a free needs analysis.


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